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June 3, 2020

Folks, this could be one of our most important episodes yet.  T3 Podcast Network has decided to partake in #PodcastBlackout this week.  Where we realize, along with other shows and networks, that #TheShowMustBePaused. Now is a time to look up and the world around you to realize that change must be made.  

We have recorded just a few minutes about how we all feel here at T3 Podcast Network.  Please listen and do what you can to participate in being an agent of change.  

Here are the charities & organizations mentioned within the episode:

NAACP - Legal Defense Fund

Legal Rights Center in Minnesota

The Culture Connection


We will be back next week with our normal content but please, use this time to be part of the change that we all know needs to happen.


Song credit: "Glory" from the Selma soundtrack by John Legend & Common

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